4 Low-Cost and Easy Ways to Ensure a Slip-Free Bathroom

The bathroom, with its wet tiles and tub, is one of the riskiest places in your home—it is where people can easily slip, trip, and fall. To avoid any serious injury without putting a dent on your budget, here are your inexpensive and simple options ensure safety in the bathroom at all times.

Add a water-resistant seat

If you have a large, spacious shower, you can make it safer by placing a stool or chair in a corner—it is a quick, inexpensive way to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom.

Apart from being safe, it makes for a more comfortable shower experience for users who are injured or have mobility problems.

Use a textured anti-slip mat

A budget-friendly and easy solution, placing a mat can help you prevent the common bathroom accidents. Before you buy a bathroom mat, make sure to measure your shower floor or tub first so that the one you choose will fit. Also, find a mat with suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place when the tub or shower is wet.

Install grab bars

Two or more grab bars in the shower or tub will help a lot in minimizing the risk of slips in the bathroom. They also aid people with mobility issues when standing or sitting in the area.

Refinish your bathtub

Has your tub become too slippery? If so, it needs to be refinished to bring it back to its original condition and grip. You can contact us to help you refinish your tub with an anti-slip additive.

Do you need permanent ways to make your shower or tub safer? Leave it to the pros! Contact us today, and we will work with you to come up with smart, cost-effective ways to prevent bathroom accidents in your home.